The Church Office is open weekdays 9am-1pm

COVID-19 Alert Level 2 Restrictions


  • Level 2 means "the disease is contained, but there is risk of community transmission".

  • If you develop COVID-19 like symptoms stay home and get tested. If you have a cold or flu please stay home.

  • Good health, hygiene and safe food practices very important. Avoid handshakes, hugs, kisses and other close contact. Cough or sneeze into sleeve, wash hands 

    regularly or use hand cleanser provided.
  • You must use the QR Code Phone App or sign the register as you enter the building.

  • Personal distancing inside must be 1 metre.

  • There is a gathering limit of 100 for each area of our complex with social distancing without people intermingling.

Windsor Community Church is a community of Christians who live out their faith in Christ together.

Coming together is a call of God that we choose to respond to at this time in this place.

We are part of a bigger grouping of Churches in the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our style of worship blends some of our older traditions in format and music with contemporary style and music.

Preaching of the Word of God through engaging with the Bible is a major focus.

Our beliefs are summed up in credal statements that can be read here 

Purple - Blue Gradient

Regular Weekly Events


March 7

10am Service - Mr Andrew Bayne

Monthly Lunch will be held with Level 1 Alert but not at Level 2 Alert

4pm Youth Group. Meet at the Church.

6-7pm Night Church.


4.00-5.30pm Girls Brigade Juniors

6.30-8.00pm Girls Brigade Seniors

7.30-9.00pm Men & Mates

Alternating weekly between Coffee night and Bible Study. Coffee at Emberz Bar, ascot Park on the 22nd.


2.30-3.30pm Chat Time Group for anyone who can make it. Passageway Lounge Area

7.00pm WCC Indoor Bowling Club (Resumes Term 2) 

7.00-8.30pm Prayer Meeting every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month. 


10.00am WCC Exercise Group 

6.00-7.30pm Boys Brigade Anchor Section (6-7 years)

& Team Sections (8-10 years)

6.45-9.00pm Boys Brigade Company Section (11-18 years)

See BB page for details


10.00am-11.30am Mainly Music in Jubilee Hall

Thursday Study Group

Tanner room - 10.00am

1.00pm WCC Card Group (500) in John Collie Room. 


More to come


"Thee Market" is happening this coming Saturday (March 6)  10am-1pm with Level 2 Alert Considerations

Easter Sunday, April 4

On Sunday's a new link to the live feed is loaded here about 30 minutes before live streaming begins. Refresh the page if it isn't showing. We are aiming to live stream the message part of the service from about 10.30am, give or take a few minutes.

Message for February 28 2021

Windsor Community Church

Office Hours:-

Monday to Friday. 9am - 1.00pm


P.O.Box 6028, Invercargill 9841

19 Windsor St, Invercargill

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