How RED applies at WCC
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WCC Management Protocols for COVID-19 Red Setting

The rules are constantly being changed a tweaked so our response is being constantly reviewed. Some of the rules are contradictory but we are doing our best to interpret them.

  • The WCC complex is divided into two areas. The Tanner Room, Creche, passageway, kitchenette area, Rev Peter's and Inge's office, toilet, is mixed vaccine certificate not required area. Entrance must be through that Tanner Room side door and if the gathering or event is mixed, no access is allowed into the photocopy room or past the fire doors leading into the main part of the building. The maximum capacity for the Tanner room is 14 people for mixed gatherings or 25 people for vaccine certificate gatherings ( worked out on room size and social distancing requirements.

  • From the main entrance of the building apart from the Tanner Room area is a vaccine certificate required for entry. This includes access to the Church office. The building capacity for the whole building (including the Tanner Room area) is 100 people including adults and children. Those leading gatherings and events are not counted.

  • In the main vaccine certificate required area the capacity of rooms and areas vary worked out on floor area and social distancing requirements with signs on the doors. Sitting apart is now not required.

  • When practicable open windows or doors for ventilation purposes during the gathering or event.

  • Food and drink can be served in the main vaccine certificate area but not at mixed events in the Tanner Room area.

  • New Rule: From Friday, February 4, the wearing of masks for all gatherings and events in the building become compulsory, except when doing things like having Communion or morning tea. Science tells us that masks, vaccination, hygiene and ventilation all play a part in reducing the spread of Omicron.

  • Using contract tracing as you enter the building remains important as does being ready to show your vaccine certificate if asked to.

  • If you have cold or flu symptoms, please stay home. Get tested before you mix with others.

Additional Update from 14.2.22 from PCANZ

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